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Entrepreneur Max Twentier
Started It All In 1962

TabBand's Founder Max TwentierThe earnest-looking young man below is Max Twentier—the founder of TabBand.

 The picture was taken in Zearing, Iowa, shortly before he headed off to the army in World War II. He fought in North Africa and Italy before being wounded badly enough that he was retired in 1944.

That's when he built a thriving insignia ring company, sold insurance to anyone who would stand still for his pitch, and then sold another company's hospital identification bracelets.

Max Twentier always had a better idea, so he launched this company in 1962 and it's still going strong.

We haven't forgotten how all this started. You may have noticed we've named our premier animal identification band the TabBand Max after the man who made it all possible.

In 1998 Mike Ferring joined TabBand and became part owner. In 2010, Mike and Maryellen Ferring purchased the company, which is now called Ampro Group LLC. The two also own UpSell Training, a sales and customer service training company, which we hope helps explain the excellent service you'll receive at TabBand. 

Maryellen and Mike Ferring TabBand
7150 West Roosevelt Street, C113
Phoenix, Arizona 85043 USA
tel 602.257.0141
fax 602.253.7148

Toll-free order number: 800.521.5123

Right: Mike and Maryellen Ferring,
owners of TabBand and hard-core sailors.