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Max Collars Thermal Collars Cage Card Holders

Strong! Waterproof!

We use high-tech laminated materials, our own secret-sauce adhesive formula, and a silicate coating to make TabBand Max temporary collars so good we make this promise:

  1. Use ANY ballpoint pen or pencil
  2. Colors WON'T run
  3. Adhesive stays STUCK

If you're having trouble keeping ID collars on animals, we bet you're using those paper bands. One tech told us, "Heck we don't have trouble keeping those paper bands on! We just staple them together!"

Now we also have a less expensive alternative for you if you're using the Idexx® PetDetect® system. Our thermal collars are a direct replacement and much less expensive.

TabBand Cage Card Holders are rugged plastic and hold a 3x5 index card. Just $35 for 10!

Would you like to know more about how to use temporary collars? Here's how to set up a reliable system. And here's how one Practice Manager does it.