More than 1 BILLION

That’s right, by our best estimate more than one billion TabBand wristbands have positively identified people and pets worldwide since the company first began making them in 1962.


Hospital Corporation of America
Banner Health
Kaiser Permanente
Henry Schein Animal Health
Campbell Pet Company
Merritt Veterinary Supplies Inc
Specialties Inc: Animal Care Products
Patterson Veterinary
About TabBand
About TabBand

Medical and Hospital Wristbands, Temporary Paper Wristbands

Today you might receive a TabBand medical and hospital wristband at a Banner Health or Kaiser or one of a hundred more hospitals. You might order TabBand bulk animal identification tags from Henry Shein Animal Health or Campbell Pet or Patterson Veterinary. Their support stands as a sign of trust and company reliability that we treasure and protect every day.

TabBand bulk patient id wristbands and custom printed wristbands for events are U.S. made, manufactured in our facility in Phoenix, Arizona, using entirely U.S.-made ingredients. We ship worldwide, so you could encounter TabBand temporary paper wristbands in London, Karachi, or Hong Kong.