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Good But November 21, 2018
Reviewer: Aileen from Xenia, OH  
These collars work perfect in our Pet Detect printer. That being said, we just purchased rolls of red and they stained a client's white dog pink. Just around the neck on the fur where the collar was. It wasn't too tight, was actually pretty loose. Will order from this company again, just not the red. Just FYI. Mike Ferring of TabBand REPLIES: I'm sorry you had the problem! We're working on a better ink to address this issue and hope to have it within two months. Thanks for using them!

August 16, 2018
Reviewer: Derek Johnson from Ogden, UT United States  
Quality product, affordable pricing.

Great Product June 20, 2018
Reviewer: Mike Cramer from Otsego, MI United States  
Typically a lower price means less quality.  That is not the case with this product.  I have reordered several times and will continue to order.

June 6, 2018
Reviewer: Derek Johnson from Ogden, UT United States  
Good product at a reasonable price. Fast delivery

Id Bands April 25, 2018
Reviewer: Julie Johnson from Ogden, UT United States  
Good quality product and reasonable price

Great Product & Support December 29, 2016
Reviewer: Mike Cramer from Otsego, MI United States  
The product works very well and save over 50% of the other brand.  Staff is very responsive.  I do not give excellent reviews unless they are excellent.

Works as well as "Namebrand" October 13, 2016
Reviewer: Mike Cramer from Otsego, MI United States  
I am always trying to reduce my operating costs.  The pet collar labels from my current supplier are very expensive.   The TabBand labels have saved me money and are made of good material.  I have not had them come off the dogs we have used them on.

Thermal Collars June 22, 2016
Reviewer: Michael Grayson from Southlake, TX United States  
The bands work well and the cost differentiator is a plus, but I find that the rolls are smaller than the EOM version that I have been using in the past so I the  ROI isn't quite as significant. I  would rather support  a smaller business though and thus the continued purchases. MIKE FERRING RESPONSE: Michael, we appreciate your support! The rolls are actually exactly the same length as the EOM version, but the rolls look smaller because of the difference in materials used.

Good but too hard to break April 18, 2016
Reviewer: Julie Keys from lothian, MD United States  
I believe tabband has a good product and excellent customer service as well as good pricing however we found these collars too hard to break, otherwise we definitely would have made the switch! Reply from Mike Ferring: Julie, most people want the collars to be hard to break, but if you want them to be breakaway, take a small scissor snip on the edge.

TabBand Thermal Collars February 17, 2016
Reviewer: Eric Kingston from United States  
I'm a bit wary of these collars for a couple of reasons.  1- The claim that they are stronger than the Pet Detect Collars is nothing to take into consideration without proof or what that distinction even means.  I once had an issue with my Pet Detect bands breaking easily but IDEXX reached out right away to warn me of the problem, replace my order (free, while allowing me to keep the previous order) and had rectified the issue with the manufacturer.  
2- I believe the Pet Detect Bands are a patented product and I would worry about how long these are going to be available as this would be considered infringement.
I notice you have 4 color options available for identifying multiple pets with visit purposes.  That's a plus!  
But given that the developer of Pet Detect and it's consumables are all under the same umbrella, I'd rather stick with the company that knows and owns their product/patent inside and out and can handle any troubleshooting if need be.
RESPONSE from Mike Ferring: Eric, here are some answers to your concerns. 1. Our "stronger" claim is based on tensile strength testing. 2. PetDetect is NOT a patented product. Our replacement is perfectly legal. Customer service is a very high priority for us and I think you'll see from the reviews, most are very pleased.

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